Well just got the release version of VS2010 installed and all I can say is “OMG”.  Not an OMG as in “OMG that is so cool!”, but more like an “OMG, are you serious?”.
Several things are standing out as wickedly wrong before I even open a solution…
My hardware is no longer sufficient.  I’m running on an HP Pavilion notebook about 2yrs old. Running a dual-core 2.2ghz (3gb RAM) with Vista SP2 32-bit.  Just moving my mouse through menus and around the UI, dragging windows, etc is painful and eating 30-50% of my CPU.  Now I know it’s not stellar machine but my mouse jumping several inches at a time is crazy unusable.  Since I don’t time or money to buy new hardware right now I’ve disable the Vista Areo and reverted to the Windows 2000 look and feel.  Things are moving much better now… Almost usable if ugly.  The scrolling speed of source code is still nasty slow. So word to the wise if you scoring below 3.0 on the “Windows Experience Index” for “3D business and gaming graphics performance” your probably in for a hardware update.
Tabbed documents, I hate them.  Unfortunately for me Microsoft is cramming another user experience change down my throat.  Like that @#^*ing ‘Ribbon bars’ interface in Office there is no way to turn it off in VS2010.  (I actually quit using MS Office and switched to OOo to avoid ribbons).  It’s cool that you make the source window float out of the app, but I’m still going to desperately miss the good-old-fashioned MDI view.
I’m sure that over the comming days, weeks, and years I’ll find much more to hate and love about about VS2010, but so far I’m not a fan. I guess I’ll go take some time to get to know VS2010 a little better and see if my initial reaction changes.  I hate to think what the next GUI design change from MS will entail for me … I guess I’m just old and set in my ways.
LOL, at least I’m not the only one: What happened to MDI capability in the editor?