A few weeks ago I published NuGet packages for version 1.11.924.348.

I also managed to get protobuf-csharp-port on board. I absolutely live by protobuffers.

Finally I recently published a complete protobuf services rpc layer build on the RpcLibrary and protobuf-csharp-port. Of course much of the code there could be used with any raw transport like WCF, TCP, Named Pipes, etc so check it out. This library is also available on NuGet:

If you haven’t tried NuGet you should look at it. If you manage an open source library you really need to get published there. It has allowed me to publish projects that have dependencies without the need to check those dependencies into source control. This reduces the burden on source control, allows for smaller archives, and makes it easier to upgrade dependencies. So trash the binaries from your source control and get started with NuGet.