Changes in this version:

  • Library.Crypto namespace was added with a fairly complete cryptography API (at least what I needed) including:
  • Library.IO namespace was added to include several new stream derivations including:
    • Added Library.IO.SegmentedMemoryStream for memory streaming while avoiding LOH allocations.
    • Added Library.IO.TempFile to manage temp files and remove them when disposed.
    • Added Library.IO.ReplaceFile to transact replacing a file.
  • Library.Html namespace was added to help with manipulation of html and xhtml:
    • Added Library.Html.XhtmlValidation will use the w3c xhtml 1.0 DTDs to validate xhtml files.
    • Added Library.Html.HtmlLightDocument to a provide fast DOM parsing of HTML using regular expressions.
    • Added Library.Html.XmlLightDocument to a provide fast DOM parsing of XML using regular expressions.