Changes in this release:

  1. Added CSharpTest.Net.Generators.exe to integrate with the CmdTool’s VS integration:
    • Provides ResX loose-typed string formatting via simply using “{0}” in a resource string.
    • Provides ResX strong-typed string formatting via resource names like “Name(string x)”
    • Adds exception generation to resources via names like “NameException”
    • Exceptions can be derived from explicit type via comments: ” : ArgumentException”
  2. Added Crypto.ModifiedRijndael class to overload the construction of the of BCL’s RijndaelManaged transform. This allows you to specify non-AES-standard key lengths and encryption rounds supported by the Rijndael algorithm.
  3. Added Formatting namespace to contain classes for string-based byte encoding.
    • Base64Stream – Streams data to a text format using base-64 encoding.
    • ByteEncoding – Provides a base abstract class/interface for encoding bytes.
    • HexEncoding – Converts a series of bytes to a string of hexidecimal charcters.
    • HexStream – Streams data to a text format using hexidecimal characters.
    • Safe64Encoding – Replaces AsciiEncoder, a base-64 derived encoding (‘-_’ instead of ‘+/=’)
    • Safe64Stream – Streams data to a text format using the Safe64Encoding.
  4. Extended the IEncryptDecrypt interface to support string encryption with a specified byte encoding.
  5. Merged the ‘Shared source’ files with the Library