Yes this site is still using wordpress, in fact, I’m writing this in wordpress right now.  The interesting thing is I’ve completely uninstalled wordpress and MySql from my production server.  I know crazy huh?

So if I’ve peaked your curiosity you’ll want to stay tuned.  Right now I don’t have time for a lot of details, but what I can tell you is this:

  • Search still works
  • RSS still works
  • Postback still works
  • All the wordpress admin goodies still work

How?  Well I’m using a new project I started called HttpClone to create a snap-shot of the site.  From there I can pretty much do anything i want to it, including:

  • Rename it to a different domain
  • Add, edit, or remove content
  • Remove and insert html tags
  • Index the content with Lucene.Net
  • View, modify, validate and track down links

Once I’m happy with the changes being made I run a publish command and presto-changeo it’s live!

The project is definately still ‘Alpha’ material but the server-side of things should be solid enough for most uses. I’ve actually been running this site on early versions for two weeks now without issue. In the bargain the site should be around 3x-5x faster than when wordpress was serving the content directly.