Time has clearly come to accomplish two things…

  1. Move to GitHub.com instead of google code
  2. Split the library apart based on consumer feedback
Why move to GitHub?  While I still prefer mercurial there are a couple of things that motivate me to make the switch.  Firstly Google has utterly failed to get to a point where community contribution are easy and painless.  They also do not provide a whole-project download and with the removal of downloads I can no longer provide one easily.  Lastly I’m no longer receiving appropriate alerts about issues being entered, and thus much of your valuable feedback is being ignored.

As to breaking the library apart, I think it’s just well past due.  At the onset of this library the goal was not to really provide any one thing that was useful, but rather a collection of small things that support a larger project.  That just simply no longer holds true.  Many users have requested that the BPlusTree be split off as well as the SslTunnel and the RpcLibrary.  This makes a lot of sense as these components have matured to a state of being able to stand alone. So I am in the process of breaking out the following projects:

  • CSharpTest.Net.Collections (BPlusTree, LurchTable, OrdinalList, and others)
  • CSharpTest.Net.Commands (The CommandInterpreter and dependecies)
  • CSharpTest.Net.RpcLibrary
  • CSharpTest.Net.SslTunnel
  • CSharpTest.Net.Tools (CmdTool, ResX Exception Generators, StampVersion, StampCopyright)
I am leaning towards keeping the CSharpTest.Net.Library around but pruning out most of the functionality that is encompassed above as well as some more-or-less obsolete stuff.  The issue I struggle with is keeping it’s name or not…  TBD
Also, be aware that projects are being migrated to .NET 4 builds with Visual Studio 2012 projects.  They should still compile under 2.0/3.5 but after this past release they will no longer be included in nuget packages.
Please leave comments if you like to make any specific requests regarding the move/transition…