Not that I personally feel strongly about this, but some like to have a help file to browse. I am much more partial to C# and test-cases as documentation; however, this was really quick effort thanks to Dave Sexton’s work on DocProject. It greatly simplified the entire help-building process into something easy and repeatable thanks [...]


Well, I finally got some code up and published. Ran into an issue with NCoverExplorer and was forced to rewrite it’s reporting.  It’s some horribly ugly code and the need to be quick outweighed the need to be elegant as it oft does in small tools like this one. Published at: The project allows [...]


Well I have uploaded the first of many useful things I hope. Over the past few days I’ve been working to improve our product’s logging. We use log4net but I have little experience with it as it is masked under our own logging api. Configuring log4net is not one of it’s strong points. I quickly [...]