No idea how I found myself on this blog; however, it was an interesting read: Why Is 100% Test Coverage Easier To Achieve? Although the translation is a little difficult to read he does an excellent job of pointing out the obvious benefits to 100% functional coverage. Let’s recap his main points… 1. First he [...]


After writing my last article I began to wonder what people ‘in-the-know’ thought the advantages of TDD vs integration testing were. So I quickly turned to my new favorite site stackoverflow. After reviewing several questions I came across this one entitled “Is Unit Testing worth the effort?“, and the accepted answer had 113 votes. So [...]


I was viewing the comments on a recent post entitled Integration Tests Are a Scam when I ran across this: Integration tests are needed A Mars rover mission failed because of a lack of integration tests. The parachute subsystem was successfully tested. The subsystem that detaches the parachute after the landing was also successfully (but [...]


For those of you struggling to understand the different approaches to testing being heralded in by the TDD community I strongly encourage you read the following article: TDD Tests are not Unit Tests Stephen does an excellent job of detailing the general purpose behind the testing styles and really clarifies for my why I tend [...]


Recently I’ve been following Roy’s ISerializable blog’s series on test-case reviews: Test Review #1 – NerdDinner Test Review #2 – ASP.NET MVC Test Review #3 – Unity They have been fairly informative and full of insight into Roy’s view of proper testing. One thing he keeps commenting on continues to strike a nerve of mine. [...]


I seem to find myself talking with developers that seem to have some fixed notion of agile development. They speak like it’s an implementation of XP (eXtreme Programming), or TDD (Test Driven Development), or some other fairly concrete methodology. Maybe it’s just me, but I really think this misses the whole point? In my world, [...]


Way back in 2003 Marc Clifton wrote a series of articles on unit testing, it’s pros and cons and general process.  It is worth a read if your new to the whole thing and just getting started.  If you’ve been writting NUnits (or any other unit test) then you are probable already familiar with most [...]


Well, I finally got some code up and published. Ran into an issue with NCoverExplorer and was forced to rewrite it’s reporting.  It’s some horribly ugly code and the need to be quick outweighed the need to be elegant as it oft does in small tools like this one. Published at: The project allows [...]