Most people believe escaping arguments to a process is easy. Surround it with quotes, right? Nope. Escape the quotes and surround it with quotes? Nope. Escape the quotes and backslashes and then surround it with quotes? Nope. It’s actually a lot more strange than that. When do you need to escape and quote an argument? [...]


Just ran into this post over on and thought it worth a shout-out. Much like the CommandInterpreter I recently added to the library, it allows you to remove all the parsing of arguments from your code and provides command-line help. Here is to hoping that a full-blown version eventually finds it’s way into the [...]


ArgumentList is a command-line program argument parser that exposes named items (i.e. /name=value or -name:value) and unnamed items in an easy to use collection format. I invariably rely on this utility when witting command-line tools. It’s usage is strait-forward, simply construction one with the array of arguments: string[] rawArgs = new string[] { “-x=y”, “noname”, [...]